Get Internet Explorer Version Remotely

There are many ways to get Internet Explorer’s version remotely, in this post I’ll show you how to do this with Powershell and grab it from a list of machines. Let’s start with the command that does that.

If you run this on your machine, you’ll get something like this:


As you can see, it works and it gets Internet Explorer’s version. Now let’s see how to do it remotely for just one client:

Where COMPUTERNAME is the hostname or IP address of the remote machine. Obviously you must be running this as an administrator of the target machine or else it won’t work. So this would be it, however I will also show you 2 quick scripts to perform this on multiple machines. The first one is pretty straight forward and simple (quick script), the other one is pretty cool instead as it’ll use multithreading. 🙂

Note that the scripts can be modified in order to get the version of any other software!

Quick script

So the quick script is easy and will get Internet Explorer’s version remotely based on a list of machines taken from Active Directory. I’ve commented the script as much as I could so that every line is explained.

Note: This is going to take ages if you’re planning to run it against loads of machines. Imagine ping one machine per time, then try accessing and grabbing IE’s version and finally adding the results to a file. Hence why the multithreading script that follows is really handy. Count that when using 200 threads (I ran it from my laptop so I didn’t care if it died) it took about 40 seconds to process 350 machines on the same network. When I ran the above script it took this time to grab info from 12 machines circa. Note that the network infrastructure is also critical. If the remote machine is located on a slow connection (for instance in another site with limited vpn connectivity) then it’ll take a bit longer to query and return the info either ways.

Multithreading script

This is my favourite. 🙂 As per what I said before, it’s really fast. Make sure you test it against a limited amount of computers to make sure it’s working correctly before waiting for the whole domain to be processed..

Gook luck!


When I say $tmp_array, it’s not an array, that’s an hash!

2 thoughts on “Get Internet Explorer Version Remotely

  1. Hi.
    First of all, thank you very much for these scripts. I have been a lot of help
    Having complied with the formalities, here is my problem. Trying to make use of the multi-threaded scrip, I find that when executing it, it does not do anything. The message “Waiting … All jobs completed!” Appears, but the output file remains empty. It does not throw an error, it simply ends the script.
    The normal sacript works perfectly. Could you give me a hand to understand how to solve it?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Facundo,

      Can you try changing the scriptblock to do something else? For instance, try to create a new file (New-Item) for each computer, you could call it “$($Computer).txt” and see if it creates the files? Also, what PS version are you using and what OS? I haven’t used this script in ages to be honest.


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