DPM 2010 Console won’t start (ID 948)

Unable to connect to Servername (ID: 948). I spent a good hour trying to understand what happened here. DPM used to work just fine on this server up until a controlled reboot was performed. I came across a few solutions on the internet and only one of them worked for me. It wasn’t even easy to spot! I’ll be reporting the other solution as well as I think it might fix it for other people.

So here’s the error when you try to launch the DPM 2010 Console:


When I went and checked the services, all of the DPM ones were in a Stopped state (even though the server tried starting MSDPM every few minutes). When I tried to manually start them, I got the following error:


Note that I tried to restart the SQL Server service as well and then tried again to start DPM, with no luck. This is how an healthy server should look like in terms of DPM services:


And SQL Services:


Let’s see the two solutions for this issue [DPM 2010 Console won’t start (ID 948)].

Solution 1

After looking and looking I came across a solution that unfortunately didn’t work for me, but I want to mention it as it did fix issues for a few users. (more…)

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