Enable SSH on your Iomega StorCenter

If you own one of the Lenovo Iomega EMC StorCenter NAS devices, you might have noticed that SSH is disabled by default and there’s no option, in the common interfaces, to turn it on. Not even in the rack editions!
Fortunately switching this option on is very simple and it’s kind of supported by Iomega/Lenovo. 🙂
Why is that? Well, the reason is very simple: when troubleshooting any issue you are experiencing, their support team might ask you a dump file or to enable options (including Enable SSH on your Iomega StorCenter) that are available only in a specific interface of the StorCenter which is not linked to in any section of the web UI. This is going to work on the R (rack) series too.
Let’s say that the address of your StorCenter is and that the password of your primary administrative account is Welcome.

If you own a StorCenter IX Series (IX2-200, IX4-200d etc..) Cloud Edition you want to reach this address (remember to replace the IP we’re using in the example with the IP of your NAS):

If you own a StorCenter PX Series (PX2-300d, PX4, PX6 etc..) you want to reach the diagnostics page through this link:

If you own an older IX Series (pre Cloud Edition), then you will need to reach this address:

Cloud Edition Series
Once on the diagnostics.html page, you will see the option (Allow remote access for support) straight away, see the following screenshot.

Iomega Enable SSH CloudEdition


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